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Meet Expodia

Welcome to Expodia, where we redefine extraordinary events with innovation, networking, and entertainment.

Join visionary minds, industry leaders, and passionate individuals from around the globe to drive meaningful change. Experience the future of events, unlock possibilities, and make a lasting impact at Expodia. Enter a world where extraordinary experiences come to life.

Why you should exhibit on Expodia?

Unparalleled Exposure

Showcase your brand to a diverse audience of industry professionals, potential partners, and investors.

Powerful Networking

Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, engage in fruitful discussions, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Elevate Your Brand

Present your vision, mission, and unique offerings on our virtual stage in a captivating TED talk-style presentation.

Professional Production

Benefit from our expert production team, who will film and post-edit your presentation for maximum impact.

Expodia App Access

Utilize our exclusive event app powered by Eventee to connect with attendees and exhibitors before, during, and after the event.

VIP Treatment

Enjoy exclusive benefits, including VIP tickets to catered events, an unforgettable after-show party, and a prestigious gala dinner.

Global Recognition

Gain exposure through PR promotion, media packages, social media announcements, and website publications.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Learn from renowned thought leaders, including TEDx Talker Lars Sudmann and visionary CEO Timm Jäger.

Valuable Resources

Access a wealth of resources, insights, and industry trends to stay ahead of the curve.

... and entertainment on top

Special act

Lior Suchard

Lior Suchard is the best master mentalist in the world, known for his mind-reading and hypnotism skills.

For the first time in Prague he will perform extraordinary illusions, pushing the boundaries of what you believe is possible.

Every exhibitor will get tickets for the Expodia Winter Magic Moment Show with Lior Suchard in November

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Event host

Ruth Hofmann

Ruth Hofmann is an experienced and professional TV Host from Germany, will introduce the Top 10 keynote speakers, visits our exhibitors at their exhibition stands with our camera team, and lead through the Podiums discussion.

Exhibitor Packages

Experience maximum satisfaction at a minimum cost – We’re lowering prices to support your success!

Category B - Silver

4.650€3.200 €
  • 1 branded stand on the balcony at the side
  • 1 round exhibition table
  • 1 customized display with your Logo
  • 4 m²
  • Virtual Keynote - Live streamed & postproduction edited + highlight Video
  • Welcome package (see below)
  • PR promotion (see below)

Category A - Startup

1.300 - 2.200 €
  • SMB growth - 2.200 €
  • Exhibition table
  • 2 VIP tickets
  • Interview after the event
  • Start-up booster - 1.300 €
  • Exhibition table
  • 1 VIP ticket

Category C - Bronze

4.275€2.800 €
  • 1 branded stand on the front / rear balcony
  • 1 exhibition table
  • 1 customized display on the balcony with your Logo
  • 2.5 m²
  • Virtual Keynote - Live streamed & postproduction edited + highlight Video
  • Welcome package (see below)
  • PR promotion (see below)

B and C package also includes:

PR Promotion

Interview with the Organizer

Talking about the Mission and Vision of your Company

Social media exposure

Publication of the interview and Exhibitor's details on the website and sharing it with our Social Media Network

Online catalog publication

Publication of the interview and Exhibitor's details in the online catalog of the Exhibitors event

Welcome Package

2 VIP Tickets

Including catering and after-show party and gala dinner

20 normal Tickets

Without catering, after-show, and gala dinner. Ideal for inviting Partners or potential Prospects to the event

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Virtual Studio

We have 4 small studio rooms in the congress center on the day of the EXPO. In each of these rooms there is a camera team, with green screen, sound technician and production team. They will be able to present a 10-15 minute keynote on the virtual, generated Expodia stage. In partnership with Eventee, we will provide all studios via LiveStream on our app. You will be visible everywhere in the world. Our production team will simultaneously record the keynotes in HD and edit them in post-production. Afterwards, we will make the keynote available completely edited, including separate 45-second highlight video. We will also present the videos in our virtual press center.

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