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Interview with bpv Braun Partners -
"This is a matter of survival for law firms. They will become more digital, or they will disappear."


bpv BRAUN PARTNERS is one of the leading international business law firms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a special focus on technology-related issues and start-ups in the IT and life sciences sectors.

Forty Czech, Slovak and German lawyers and tax advisors work in the firm's offices in five working languages. The firm's international reach is extended through close cooperation within bpv LEGAL, which covers most other CEE countries.

In this interview with Arthur Braun, Managing Partner at bpv Braun Partners we learn about the development and influences of digitalization for law firms & much more

Expodia: Hello Mr. Braun, before we talk about bpv Braun Partners and the topic of digitization in general, I would like to know more about you. Where are you from and what is your background?


Braun: My path to Prague was a bit unusual. I come from Bavaria. Neither as a Sudeten German nor as an emigrant had I had anything to do with the Czech Republic until my adult life. In 1988 I first came to Prague as a student at Charles University, then I learned Czech more as a hobby. In 1990, after the opening of the border, there was a big change in my life. Instead of Paris, I went to Prague for my studies abroad, which is still my USP today. I was the first Western law student after the revolution in what was then Czechoslovakia. I then went back to Germany, got my degrees in law and political science. In 1994 I was in Prague as a trainee lawyer and since 1995 (with interruptions in Munich) as a lawyer. After eleven years with major international law firms, the leap to a more flexible unit came in 2006. Today we are represented in Prague and Bratislava under bpv Braun Partners and throughout Central Eastern Europe as bpv LEGAL.

Expodia: How has your firm developed over the past 16 years?

Interview with NettleSmart -
"If you go with something new on the market and nobody laughs at you, you go late."

Radomír Eliáš 
Chief Executive Officer - NettleSmart s.r.o

NettleSmart is a Czech biotech startup that has the ambition to bring healthy and affordable food, nutritional supplements, and much more to the European market. The universal raw material on which the business will be based in the healthy and protein-rich nettle. 

It is already being used abroad and the start-up Nettle Smart wants to offer it to customers in our market and will capitalize on the untapped potential of nettle. Future plans include cooperation with new investors, expansion into foreign markets, production of nettle foods, and processing of fibres for the textile industry and biofuels. And all this is within the framework of the circular economy!

In this interview with Radomír Eliáš, CEO at NettleSmart, we learn about the innovative usage of Nettles and how it can be interesting for potential investors

Expodia: Hello Radomir, before we talk about NettleSmart and innovation in general, I would like to know more about you. Where are you from, and what is your background?

Radomír Eliáš: I'm from the Czech Republic, originally from Moravia City. I have a tech education. My high school education is in industry programming, and I did these things for many years. So I created some software in Poland, Egypt, and Russia. In 2011, I met with a friend, and he told me about Bitcoin, of course, I said to him that it is nonsense and that it won’t work. But he told me, “Hey, sit on your ass, read the white paper, and you will be a clever guy”. I ended up for actually almost ten years in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 2015 I built my first startup.

Expodia:  What kind of start-up and in which area?

Interview with Systain Group -
"Teamwork makes the Dream works – How Systain Group can be the ideal partner

Systain Group is the collaboration of companies led by three partners Boyan Yordanov & Emilian Kroumov & Damien Dockery

They empower mid- and large-size organizations to do more effective business by utilizing business management solutions.

In this interview with Boyan Yordanоv, CEO at BL Consulting and Founder of Systain Group, we learn about the Influence of innovation and his father during communism and how partnerships are essential to progress.

Boyan Yordanov

CEO – BL Consulting LTD 
Founder, Co-Partner Systain Group

Expodia: Hello Boyan, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Before we start, can you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, and what is your background?


Boyan: Hi Armin, thank you for inviting me. I'm Bulgarian and now living and based in Bulgaria. Let me start with my educational background.

I was always the best student in school, in high school, and in university. I had a golden badge for excellence in elementary and then in high school. Not only that, but I got an award as the best student in the faculty at Technical University. I used to study the High School of Mathematics. The time was challenging due to the switch from socialism to capitalism. The SMG(its abbreviation) was a prosperous and innovative school at that time. The Technical University of Sofia was one of the top technical universities in the world. In my second year, I enrolled in a management and economics program. This doubled my achievement – Industrial Automation plus Management and Economics. Very practical for my path forward.


Expodia: How did you discover the challenges in the communist time?

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