About us

Meet Expodia

Welcome to Expodia, where we redefine extraordinary events with innovation, networking, and entertainment. 

Join visionary minds, industry leaders, and passionate individuals from around the globe to drive meaningful change. Experience the future of events, unlock possibilities, and make a lasting impact at Expodia. Enter a world where extraordinary experiences come to life.

Our Vision

We would like to interview all our new exhibitors to share their offerings and company vision with our network even before the event takes place!. We hope that doing this will attract potential customers and partners.

Nevertheless, Innovative Digital EXPO prepared for our exhibitors ALL IN ONE package (see the attached map – categories B and C), thoroughly preparing your stands with your company’s logos and necessary set of tools. So join us and focus on the event without unwanted stress.

This new approach to Expo creation should plant a seed of motivation and knowledge and let you harvest crops while you grow.

Our Mission

Having the best professionals on board allows us to focus on the quality of the exhibition and unforgettable experience with a family and business atmosphere in mind. Our team hired one of the best PR, marketing companies, and catering providers for the memorable event and prepared the after-show event. The venue of our Expo is located in Prague, the Czech Republic, however, you can expect a perfect balance of representatives from Europe.

As the Innovative Digital EXPO is dedicated to start-ups and SMEs, you have the opportunity to network and learn from each other, gather and exchange information and have a pleasant time together. We have developed an innovative approach that will offer you the possibility of advertising your company digitally and physically.

Sustainability - Digital Expodia touch

We have 4 small studio rooms in the congress center on the day of the EXPO. In each of these rooms there is a camera team, with green screen, sound technician and production team. They will be able to present a 10-15 minute keynote on the virtual, generated Expodia stage. In partnership with Eventee, we will provide all studios via LiveStream on our app. You will be visible everywhere in the world. Our production team will simultaneously record the keynotes in HD and edit them in post-production. Afterwards, we will make the keynote available completely edited, including separate 45-second highlight video. We will also present the videos in our virtual press center.


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