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Confirmed speakers

Lars Sudmann


Innovation that sticks aka The Spaghetti Principle of Innovation

Timm Jäger


Digital first: Eintracht Frankfurt’s digital strategy

Arthur Braun


Can a conservative company go digital? Needs, dreams, and experiences

Marvin Sangines & Eva Egg


1. Content Engine - The secret to building a powerful personal brand

Dr. Łukasz Tync


Human vs AI – who defeats VUCA* beast?
*(volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis


The 7 lovely wins that your university didn’t teach you about Innovation

Special act

Lior Suchard

Lior Suchard is the best master mentalist in the world, known for his mind-reading and hypnotism skills.

For the first time in Prague he will perform extraordinary illusions, pushing the boundaries of what you believe is possible.

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Event host

Ruth Hofmann

Ruth Hofmann is an experienced and professional TV Host from Germany, will introduce the Top 10 keynote speakers, visits our exhibitors at their exhibition stands with our camera team, and lead through the Podiums discussion.



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