Lunch and Gala

Permanent coffee break

  • Unlimited consumption of beverages for 10 hours
  • Infused water with herbs and fruit
  • Seasonal lemonade with fruit / Iced tea with lemons
  • Nespresso coffee
  • Selection of exclusive teas – Honey, lemon, milk, soy milk

Cold & Sweet items

Available from 10:00
Available from the start

  • Wraps with scrambled eggs, aragula
  • Bagel ½ with moravian ham, pickle and mustard mayo
  • Baguetes with chicken and guacamole
  • Blueberry and chocolate muffins
  • Chocolate brownie

Grab & Go warm snacks

Available from 12:00

  • Sliders with chopped beef, cheddar cheese
  • Sliders with grilled veggetable
  • Indian pies Samosas – chicken curry,
  • potato & peas, tamarind chutney, mint chutney DESSERT

      Available from 12:00

  • Yoghurt panna cotta
  • Chocolate éclair with sea salt
  • Freshly sliced fruits

Afternoon coffee break

1 pcs / pp of savoury + 1 cookie

  • Unlimited consumption of beverages for 30 minutes
  • Bun with chopped pork, glazed onion chutney
  • Bun with hummus and grilled vegetable
    Vanilla cookies with dried fruits
  • Chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips

Barista station

  • Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat white, Americano, Doppio
  • Chemex – filter coffee

Welcome drink - other options

Unlimited consumption for 30 minutes

      PROSECCO VOLPARESSA DOC Spumante Extra Dry

  • Homemade lemonade with fresh fruits
  • Water with herbs


  • Homemade lemonade with fresh fruits
  • Water with herbs


  • EXAMPLES: Prosecco served wit tapioca pearls (different colours & flavours)


  • Homemade puff pastry sticks
  • Mushroom popcorn
  • Cashews with Masala spices
  • Cashews in honey and chilli
  • Homemade black grissini
  • Truffle chips
  • Marinated green olives
  • Marinated black olives
  • Parmesan lavash
  • Tortilla chips, salsa
  • Vegetable chips

Salads & Starters

Mini portions served from buffet and partially served among guests

  • Roasted carrot with maple syrup salad served topped with a tasty tahini sauce, pomegranate and pistachios
  • Sweet potato salad, quinoa, rocket, raisins, walnuts– veg.
  • Lightly smoked patée, cranberry chutney, hazelnuts
  • Bean truffles, pumpkin hummus
  • Prawns marinated in yoghurt and mustard seeds, tamarind-mint chutney

Taco bar station

  • Soft and hard taco, tortilla chips
  • Chicken, pork and beef pulled meat
  • Grated cheese, salad leaves, limes, jalapeños, coriander
  • Pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, sour cream

Taco bar station

  • Duck confit and breasts, coconut rice, lemon spicy sauce
  • SHOW Prague ham – carving show, potato pancakes, plum sauce / creamy horseradish with apples, mustard, bread
  • Beef cheeks, wine sauce, potato gnochi
  • Spinach barley risotto


  • PAVLOVA SHOW – mini cake Pavlova, whipped cream, strawberries, fruit coulis
  • Crème Brûlée – chestnut, vanilla, chocolate
  • Traditional buns with pudding sauce
  • Apple and pecans tarts
  • Fruit skewers

Beverage packages

Unlimited consumption of drinks for a maximum of 3 hours.

  • Water infuzed by herbs and fruit
    Homemade lemonades / Homemade iced tea
  • Granini fruit juices
  • Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, tonic
  • Nespresso coffee, selection of high quality teas
  • Pilsner Urquell beer
  • Radegast Birell – non-alcoholic beer
  • Selected Moravian and foreign wines

Limited consumption of wine & beer
2 glasses / person