Susanna Lähteelä

About Susanna Lähteelä

Susanna is an international award-winning speaker, who captures the audience’s full attention when she is on stage. She is known to be a complete motivational boost for her audience in the events she takes part in. When we met Susanna, we knew she had to be a part of Expodia as our final keynote speaker of the day to share with you all a motivating challenge. Are you ready? We can go on and on about Susanna, but let’s hear some inspiring words from some people who have experienced her expertise first hand… “She has a gift – helping others find their own voice.” “Susanna is the reason I found my confidence to take a massive career step” “I learned from her and keep learning every time I see her on a stage! Inspiration at its finest!”

About the topic

Susanna’s journey in Public Speaking started from an overwhelming fear towards the stage due to a traumatized background and fear of judgment, to now… 3 years later a Triple Champion in Public Speaking!
In this speech, she will unleash the steps she took to build her mind-blowing confidence and how to break out of your comfort zone in order to unleash a version of yourself you could not believe existed!
Not only does this make a big difference to your life and voice, but your career as well!
Susanna went from a typical 9-5 employee in a mass corporation being “one fish in the big pond” to now CEO & Founder of RIMOSON.
She defines the story of if you are willing to expand your comfort zone, you can achieve ANYTHING you dream of!
In this speech: Unleash Your Authentic Confidence: Embracing Challenges and Conquering Comfort Zones she will be talking about how and even more importantly WHY
it is crucial to continuously stretch your comfort zone in order to grow your network and in return exponentially skyrocket your business value!
In this powerful speech, you can expect energy, a boost in confidence and endless value to implement in your everyday life!
The question goes, what is authentic confidence? – if you are truly ready to unleash the authentic confidence within yourself… 
…Come break free from your comfort zone by joining us July 27th! 

Below you can see a video from Susanna to get ready for what is to come:



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